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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Penguin Kids Readers

"Even if learners haven’t seen the Disney film or know the characters, the vibrant illustrations in the readers, all Disney materials by the way, bring the story to life. And teachers can show their learners parts of or even all of the Disney film after they’ve finished the reader. It’s even better if the learners recognise the story or characters in the book from the Disney film and it doesn’t matter if the learners have already seen the film or know the story – in fact that’s a bonus! Children love to hear and read their favourite stories over and over again! These are just some of the things which make the Disney titles particularly motivating for young learners." - Melanie Williams, series editor

"Some reading series focus on teaching the mechanics of reading. If they have language controls, these are often linked to the language development of native speakers learners rather than the more systematic controls used for speakers of other languages. Often these series are designed to reflect the learners’ every day experience therefore not taking readers on a journey or giving them new experiences. The combined package of each Penguin Kids book provide for engagement in exciting stories through audio recordings, pictures, controlled language text and exercises." - Nick Dawson, academic consultant

The books are very nice, you can download activities, teacher's notes and the audio on the collection's website, but the teachers decided not adopting them in our school because students may get bored for already knowing the stories. What's you opinion?

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